Zem2all Malaga. Zero Emission Mobility For All.

At the beginning of the year we visited the  smartcity of Malaga, an experimental project whose main objective is to develop new systems and technologies to reduce energy consumption, in addition to promoting the use of renewable energy and sustainable mobility. In 4 years of the project, they have set the objective of increasing energy efficiency by 20%, in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% (6,000 tons / year).

A few days ago we were able to visit it again and see first-hand one of the latest projects that have been launched, the ZEM2All program : a movement that will serve as a definitive real test of the operation of electric mobility free of polluting emissions. 200 Mitsubishi i-MiEV model fully electric cars , which will be rented to individuals and companies, along with a charging base, a smartphone and an on-board communication unit. A rent of 300 euros per month, with a negotiated annual mileage. Electricity consumption will be borne by the user, calculating a cost of 2.96 Euros per 100 km in normal rates . Which will turn Malaga into a world testing laboratory on the use of electric cars.

Let us remember that transport and, especially, cars and trucks account for 43% of CO2 emissions.

In most of Malaga, but also in Fuengirola and Marbella, 23 public fast charging points will be installed, which can be used by the users of the ZEM2All project. The energy consumed will be billed to the customer. The recharging points for the customers will be 3.6 kW of power, at 230 V and 16 A. For domestic use or garages they are a wall base, for companies and outdoor parking lots, charging posts with two sockets. Both include the SAEJ-Mennekes cable .

The fast recharge points are 50 kW of power with the CHAdeMO standard, from Endesa, Mitsubishi or Hitachi. In 15 minutes we will have a range of between 60 to 80 km again. In 30 minutes, 80% of the battery will be recharged. To use a charging station, you will first reserve a place from our smartphone. This will also allow us to locate the closest charging point.

The on-board communication unit will send some data from the cars, such as hours of use, average speed, consumption, autonomy, or battery charge level to the control center, for further study and analysis by the technicians of the draft.

Those who have an electric car will enjoy a series of advantages: reserved parking spaces in the street, exclusive access to the historic center of Malaga, discount in regulated parking areas (SARE) and in underground car parks, 75% discount in the municipal circulation tax, customer service, monitoring of statistics and costs of use through the web.

One of the scenarios that will be studied will be that cars take their load at night, when there is hardly any consumption but an inevitable electrical production of some plants, especially wind power plants. Vehicle charging can be returned to the grid during the day, especially at peak times of consumption, so that the electricity demand curve smoothes out.

In short, a great project that will surely have a determining influence on the future massive introduction of electric cars in Spain.

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