First The Earth

The conservation of natural resources, landscapes, fertile and productive lands, drinking water and all existing animal species naturally require that we pay all possible attention to them so that they remain present and are not exterminated. This is something that indigenous tribes and communities that live in full harmony with nature know perfectly well. These

Folding Benches Made With Recycled Pallets

The street artist called R1 has made public his latest urban work, using pallets he has recreated six interchangeable mobile benches . R1 is mounted on wheels and can be moved around the city of Johannesburg, the city where the artist resides. Thus he was able to observe the reactions of the public interacting with

Guide To A Sustainable Vacation

We call sustainable tourism to all those tourist activities that respect the natural, cultural and social environment, and with the values ​​of a community, which allow to enjoy a positive exchange of experiences between residents and visitors, a Sustainable Vacation. Some tips to enjoy a more sustainable tourism: Use public transport for your trips. 82.8%

How To Make A Homemade Water Filter With A Pine Twig

One way to avoid getting sick while traveling is to eat only fruit that you peel yourself, as plants can kill bacteria. Well, why not apply this principle to water filtration directly? A team of scientists has done just that, testing how effective pine wood is in filtering water using xylem, a lignified conductive plant

Bmw, The Hydrogen-powered X5 To Arrive In 2022

BMW continues to believe in hydrogen technology. Already a few months ago the German manufacturer had spoken of its plans in this regard, saying that it was working on a version of its X5 SUV equipped with this particular power supply. The idea is to launch it in 2022 in a reduced number. In case