The Fracking War

The term fracking  is the technique by which the extraction of oil and natural gas is achieved by fracturing or drilling the soils until reaching unconventional deposits. This documentary of Argentine origin, with production and script by the director Fernando Pino Solanas, which was released in 2013, shows how the exploitation of natural resources in

Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have been widely used in cooking since ancient times. The laurel is located within the lauraceae family. Although it is not clear, it is possible that it originated in Asia Minor and from there to the entire Mediterranean region. The laurel is a large, evergreen tree that grows up to 9 meters in

The Great Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Mint

Mint is an herb that grows in all parts of the world, but like most medicinal plants, it has its origin in the Mediterranean region and it was the Roman Empire that was responsible for transporting mint to various places and then spreading throughout itself, thanks to its various properties, has become a very popular

At Princeton They Use Sunlight To Extract Hydrogen From Sewage

Professor Zhiyong Jason Ren and Lu Lu. A microbial photoelectrochemical system developed at Princeton University to obtain hydrogen from wastewater. The need to flexibly manage non-programmable renewable energies is turning hydrogen into one of the technological elements on which the energy transition is based, like other storage systems. But this gas also plays an essential

How To Plant Garlic In The Garden

In the northern hemisphere we are in the season to sow garlic, normally they are sown in mid-autumn and they are one of the crops that will spend the most time in the land of our gardens, but it really is a tremendous satisfaction to later harvest them in addition to all benefits that they