How To Plant Tomatoes Step By Step

We continue with the articles related to tomato cultivation, once we have the tomatoes planted in the garden  and we see that they have begun to take root well in their new location, we can start to guide them. We must prepare the tutors and train the tomatoes quickly because it is a plant that

Watly. System That Supplies Drinking Water, Renewable Energy And Internet To 3,000 People

Watly is a solar energy system specially designed for developing countries, it is capable of storing electricity, purifying water and connecting local residents to the Internet. After piloting a prototype of the system in Ghana, the company prepares to create Watly 3.0, a larger machine that can generate more renewable energy. Watly was funded through

California Promotes Solar Power To Low-income People With Installation Incentives And On Bills

Shutterstock Image There are countries where the switch to solar energy is encouraged, and others where it is taxed. The former includes the United States and, specifically, the state of California, which has a line of action that focuses its attention on populations with fewer resources to favor the transition to renewables. The initiative, with

Microsoft’s Underwater Data Centers Use Less Power And Record 8 Times Fewer Errors Than Land-based Ones

Earlier this summer, marine specialists uncovered a ship-container-sized data center covered in algae, barnacles and sea anemones from the seafloor of Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The recovery launched the final phase of a multi-year effort that demonstrated that the subsea data center concept is feasible, as well as practical from a logistical, environmental and economic point

Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Marshmallow

When we talk about marshmallow, we immediately associate it with those edible and delicious sugar gums for children, which are usually eaten normal or hoes, as well as seen in series or movies on television. Oddly enough, those sweet marshmallows contained extracts from the marshmallow plant in their original recipe, hence the name of this